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How to get employees to manage themselves

Getting people to manage themselves requires taking steps that will empower every single person in your team or organization  - simply by changing key behaviors. 

Through this course, you will:

  1. Discover how challenges you are facing as a manager may be affecting team motivation and productivity.
  2. Learn how to establish a successful high-performance platform and take away tips on how to begin building a culture of competence, not complacency.
  3. Understand how to ensure performance conversations with your employees are objective and productive.
  4. Learn techniques that will position you as a coach with your employees, focused on what they are accomplishing vs. when and where they are doing their work.

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go rowe online system

The Go ROWE Online System is a set of five online e-courses with associated discussion guides.  The complete online system will:

  1. Train your team to operate successfully with ultimate flexibility in the workplace, driven by clear and measurable goals and expectations.
  2. Show you how to reduce ineffective practices and typical time-wasters.
  3. Ensure you retain your best employees.
  4. Give you the solid foundation you need to effectively manage Millennials.
  5. Get your team focused on contemporary communication and collaboration techniques that are efficient and effective, anchored in customer needs and measurable results.

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