What is ROWE

What is ROWE

ROWE is the future of work.

The Results-Only Work Environment training process sets the foundation for employees to be evaluated on performance, not presence. In a ROWE, people focus on results and only results – increasing the organization’s performance while creating the right climate for people to manage all the demands in their lives . . . including work.

With ROWE:

  • Productivity rises an average of 20%
  • Voluntary turnover rates decrease by 90%
  • Customer/client satisfaction increases 
  • Talent attraction skyrockets

Don't just take our word for it. Read a summary of ROWE from mixprize.org.

ROWE for Employees

ROWE recognizes that life is an individual experience and that no two lives are identical — and leverages this to achieve better performance from each individual. 

In a Results-Only company or department, everyone has very clear goals and measures. which allows employees to make smart decisions about how they can be most productive and efficient.


  • You control the clock and results are your responsibility.
  • Healthier lifestyle – not overworked, less stress
  • Autonomy & accountability


ROWE for Business

Results‐Only Work Environment training will position your company to attract and retain talent that will show up energized, disciplined, flexible and focused—ready to deliver all results necessary to drive the business. A ROWE workforce is more efficient, productive and loyal to the organization while also feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and in control of their personal and professional lives.

A Results-Only Work Environment is all about productivity. But more importantly, your workforce will respond to the business as if it were their own. Innovate won’t be a buzzword, it will be what you do. With ROWE you can stop monitoring the hallways and focus your energy on the business.

Business results:

  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Talent retention & attraction
  • Optimization of space
  • Elimination of wasteful processes


Rowe Reason #47


I can be present for my grandmother's 90th birthday, in another state, without worrying about falling behind in work, or whether or not I have enough vacation time. What a gift!