Do you do On-site Training?

Yes. Since 2007 we've been conducting ROWE implementation services through customized on-site workshops and change management support. Contact us for more information.

Can I buy one copy of your GO ROWE On-line System® AND USE IT TO TRAIN MY entire staff?

No. It is a breach of the license agreement and in a word, unethical. We trust that you aren't going to do that. One copy per device/person, please. No public broadcasting.

The Go ROWE Online System® is intended for use as a tool for onboarding new employees or as a refresher course once your team or organization has already gone through on-site training and education, including change management support services where applicable. 

What ABOUT measurement?

We're all about results, so yes. We audit your work environment so we can understand what's working and what's not so that we can focus on the right strategy to optimize your work culture, as well as measure our own effectiveness. 

I have a lot of questions prior to implementing ROWE . . .

Great! Though we don't suggest implementing on your own, we understand a lot of you will give it a try. If you want to pick our brains before, during, and/or after your self-implementation, we fondly call that consulting.  And with that, you should expect that we will charge a consulting fee.

I'd like to become a rowe consultant. Tell me how!

Thanks for asking and not just going off willy nilly, pretending to know what you're doing just because you read the books or a few blogs on the topic. CultureRx® is the owner of the Results-Only Work Environment™ and ROWE™ trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property which identify the innovative management methodology. So. If you'd like to become a knowledgeable, licensed (legal) certified ROWE Consultant, we will train you and give you the tools you need to start off on the right foot. But be prepared to pay us a yearly licensing fee to use our Intellectual Property. Are you prepared to get trained and pay a yearly licensing fee? Then contact us for more information. 

do the authors speak at events?

Yes. For more information and to book Jody Thompson to Keynote at your event, contact us. Speaking is a service we provide as best-selling authors, therefore we charge a fee for this service. CultureRx is the global authority on the Results-Only Work Environment, and broad-stroke topics include but are not limited to ROWE, the future workplace, workplace reinvention, and the evolution of management.