ROWE Certified Consultants

CultureRx is the global authority on the Results-Only Work Environment and provides domestic and international consulting and training services.

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In addition, CultureRx trains and certifies ROWE Consultants who are locally based in select areas.  

Listed below are the only ROWE Certified Consultants who are licensed by CultureRx to provide ROWE consulting services and conduct on-site ROWE Workshops.

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ROWE Certified Consultants

"Culture is created by actions, not intentions." -- Pam Ross, ROWE Certified Consultant

"Culture is created by actions, not intentions." -- Pam Ross, ROWE Certified Consultant

“For success now and into the future, and in order for their workers to be at their best, organizations need to build trust, digital fluency and agility.”
— Pam Ross


Pam Ross is on a mission to reinvent work so that people and organizations can realize their potential. Pam has spent more than 15 years working “in the trenches” in Operations and Human Resources in customer-oriented businesses. During her time working for large and growing corporations, she was involved in building culture and improving employee engagement from a strategy and program development perspective. She discovered a talent for translating strategy into execution, inspiring action, developing leaders, and creating people programs that drive exceptional customer experience, which she is extremely passionate about.

"Going ROWE is not just another change program. It's a full-scale, revolutionary change to the way we do work. It changes the relationship managers have with people. It changes the way work feels. It turns the current flex-time models on their heads."

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