Team Workshop

Team Workshop

Create a Results-Focused Team

The Team Workshop is an experiential, hands-on journey for your small business or team. In this workshop, we provide the proven tools and mindset shift necessary for you to effectively build a results-focused culture in your organization or on your team. The Team Workshop teaches each person how to be ultimately accountable for their work, offering several tips and strategies that will turn your workplace into a focused, highly collaborative and nimble workforce.  

I wanted to have an objective third party, expert in ROWE, to work with my team and deal with concerns, objections, pushback. I didn’t want them to think ‘Here’s another crazy idea from the entrepreneur.’ I knew an outside expert would validate the change. It really worked! At the end of the training, the team was on board.” -- Vernon Menard, COO, Choice Translating, Inc.

The Team Workshop is perfectly designed for:

  • Small-to-medium sized business
  • Functional work teams in large organizations
  • ‘Do-it-yourself’-ers. You want the secret sauce to apply in your own kitchen the way you see fit
  • Managers who want their growing business to maintain its competitive edge and innovative spirit
  • Any team or small to medium-sized business that wants to expand capacity without adding head count
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