Not every organization is ready to embark on the ROWE journey. It requires focus, dedication, willingness and grit. It demands a leadership team that is comfortable not having all of the answers. A leadership team that is humble and courageous. A leadership team that is serious about differentiation, and tired of the status quo.

Command and control hall monitors need not apply.

Raise your hand if you’re ready.

[Jody Thompson] I admire your strength and perseverance over the years in moving the ROWE concept into reality one person, one group and one organization at a time. Your steadfast commitment, openness, understanding and flexibility have been instrumental in helping our organization move forward on adopting ROWE. When we first started the ROWE pilot, the underlying premise and rationale made so much sense but I wondered whether a company-wide shift in mindset and practice was possible. Over the last 6 months, it has been amazing to see this shift movie so quickly. Thank you for ROWE and your ongoing sage advice!
— Janet D. Neves, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

A Day with us -

And the rest of your life is yours

Jody and her ROWE Certified Master Trainers have the experience and credentials to work with your unique organization to customize experiential education, consulting and change management services. We're serious about developing a workforce where everyone is focused solely on what matters to your business.


Leadership Summit

Need to know more before committing to ROWE implementation?

The interactive and engaging Leadership Summit introduces the elements of a results-only work place along with proven strategies and practices that are effective in building and fostering contemporary work teams that operate with equal parts accountability and autonomy.

Following this interactive seminar, select leaders in your organization will have the foundational knowledge of how a work system operates when the balance of autonomy and accountability drive superior performance focus. 

If you’re on the fence as a leadership team, schedule your leadership summit now!

Thank you Jody Thompson, for your brilliant facilitation of our Leadership Seminar. The buzz hasn’t stopped! Your management training is a complete game changer for today’s workforce. The philosophy of managing the work and not the people will help our organization engage the RIGHT people for the RIGHT roles and will no doubt help us reach our goal of being THE place to work. With growing expectations, the principle of completing our work when and how we need to is life changing for many.
— Wellington Holbrook, Executive Vice President, ATB Business & Agriculture

Pilot Prototype - Full implementation

Whether you choose to pilot a ROWE within the organization, or you’re ready to fully commit the entire organization to ROWE implementation, our Master Trainers will guide you through the process of shifting your mindsets away from the traditional (flexible) work environment to the Results Only Work Environment.

This experience is done through a full day seminar and includes everyone in the organization (CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s CHRO’s . . . yep. We mean everybody). People managers and organizational leadership spend another half day with us learning how to successfully adopt contemporary management behaviors.

Ready to Go ROWE?

I attended a session with your ROWE Certified Master Trainer. He took the time to really dive into the key points, made specific references to our values, and how this was an employee initiative, and several times reinforced that ROWE is a not a remote work program. It was interesting to see the group’s response to him. At first they were all on their computers, and within the first hour he had grabbed them and they were engaged and computers were closed.
Thanks for the opportunity to take the ROWE training yesterday. It was an excellent course. I must confess I was fairly skeptical going in. I was kind of/semi ‘voluntold’ to be the [ROWE] ambassador but now I’ve been on the course and seen what it’s all about I’m a true convert - so thanks for that as well!


What’s The Culture like where you work?