Jody Thompson was named one of the six people who "get it" by Daniel Pink in his book Drive.

Jody Thompson at the Telework Summit

Jody Thompson at the Telework Summit

Definitely not another boring lecture.

Jody is an internationally recognized professional speaker who is sure to shake up your audience with her fresh, provocative approach. Don’t expect PowerPoint slides with charts, graphs, and bulleted lists that can only be read with a magnifying glass. Instead, expect to be entertained, energized – and challenged!


When you hire Jody to speak at your event, your audience will leave inspired to make real change in their organizations . . . and their lives.

Jody is serious about making work (and speaking) not suck.

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What they're saying

The presentation to our recent Best Practices conference was thought provoking, insightful, not to mention hilarious. Jody kept an audience of hard-nosed operators, and sometimes cynical human resource officers, engaged, challenged and informed about the seismic shift in workplace values that will ultimately impact everyone in the service sector. ROWE is a concept that may be slightly ahead of its time, but she is right in time to deliver the thought leadership that can change organizations.
— Joni Thomas Doolin, CEO and Founder, People Report
This was a great thought-leadership session as [Jody Thompson] is ahead of the curve in HR practices. There was probably more buzz created by this – lots of conversation and debate – than any of the other 15 or so sessions at this conference. It was, without a doubt, a worthwhile addition to the conference agenda.
— Bill Duggan, EVP, Committees Association of National Advertisers
Jody kicked off our State SHRM Conference with great energy and thought provoking ideas for the workplace! She knew the world our members work in, and spoke to common problems we all see in organizations around separating contribution (results) and ˝time in chair˝. I would recommend Jody whole-heartedly if you want to get your audience thinking about real solutions and maximizing talent!!
— Jill Bridges, Co-chair of the Tennessee State SHRM Conference
Thank you Jody Thompson, for your brilliant facilitation of our Leadership Seminar. The buzz hasn’t stopped! Your management training is a complete game changer for today’s workforce. The philosophy of managing the work and not the people will help our organization engage the RIGHT people for the RIGHT roles and will no doubt help us reach our goal of being THE place to work. With growing expectations, the principle of completing our work when and how we need to is life changing for many.
— Wellington Holbrook, Executive Vice President, ATB Business & Agriculture