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The results are in.

ROWE isn’t just a theory or some whacked out idea that will go away if you hold your breath long enough. There’s no more saying ‘that idea is too new’ or ‘I’ll wait until more organizations test it out or ‘that won’t work here’.

 That ship has sailed.

 It’s time to recognize that a workplace culture built on a contemporary foundation of autonomy and accountability isn’t just theory. It’s proven and it works.

ROWE Certified Organizations are leaving traditional ‘flexible’ organizations in the dust.


Case Studies

ROWE Certified Organizations are proving that disrupting the status quo yields results – for business and people - here are some of the results:

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Corporate Retail Client

  • 17% Increase in productivity

  • 23% Improvement in service quality

  • 13% Improvement in employee engagement

Manufacturing Client

  • Product delivery rate went from 70% to 90% and has remained consistent.

  • Time to build went from an average of 50 hours to 35 hours, increasing customer satisfaction score

Corporate Retail Client Local Government Agency

  • 9% increase in processing cases and 77% decrease in unprocessed in-basket items

REtail Consulting SErvices

  • 100% increase in top line growth in less than 5 years.

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Click here to find the full study!

Click here to find the full study!

I have been at CMHC for 10 years and I can’t believe in some ways that our entire organization has embraced this. I am constantly reaching out to anyone I am connected with outside the organization and telling them that they should work for us.
— Katherine LeBlanc, co-chair employee advisory group and a senior officer in marketing research, CMHC

Harvard Business Review - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: "One CMHC" and Version 3.0

I think we took a submarine and tried to make it into a nuclear submarine. And now we need to make the thing fly.
— Evan Siddall, CEO CMHC [commenting on optimizing the organization 2014 - 2019]
I have heard from employees that what we’ve just done with the ROWE—that it was one of the best things that happened to this organization ever in terms of how it’s impacting the way we’re working. I really, really do believe that it’s going to change the face of the organization.
— Stéphane Poulin - Human Resources Director, CMHC
My personal experience is I don’t feel conflicted if I need to be somewhere else during the day to do something personal anymore. I organize my schedule, I do what I need to, and I make sure the results are there. I’ve got full accountability; I could never go back to working the old way. I’ve got a sense of freedom and you can’t put a price on that.
— Amelie Lecompte – Director of Partnerships, Technology & Workplace, CMHC
I have to think the culture will have adjusted so much to ROWE that it would be very difficult for somebody to come in and change that. I can’t imagine going back to a 9:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday workweek. And if somebody tried to change that, I can only think there would be a mass revolt.
— Steffan Jones, vice president for Strategy and Organizational Excellence, CMHC

Mckinsey study - ROWE and gender parity.


"[ROWE Certified Organization] CMHC uses all of the data it collects to inform its D&I strategy and create targeted interventions to address pain points. CMHC’s transition to a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) is a holistic example of this.” - June 2019 McKinsey Study

Click here for the full study!

Click here for the full study!


ROWE study

First ever use of control group to measure effectiveness of workplace flexibility program shows increased job satisfaction, reduced burnout and stress.

The full 8 year study and all associated papers can be found here.


“The results were definitive,” say Moen and Kelly: “employees who participated in the organizational initiative said they felt more control over their schedules, support from their bosses, and were more likely to say they had enough time to spend with their families. Moreover, these employees reported greater job satisfaction and were less burned out and less stressed. They also reported decreases in psychological distress, which captures depressive symptoms that do not amount to clinical depression.” - MIT Sloan School of Management Press Release

“[The] Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), . . .  allows all employees to work whenever and wherever they want as long their work gets done. Valuing results rather than face time changed the cultural definition of a successful worker by challenging the notion that long hours and constant availability signal commitment (Kelly et al., 2010). ROWE increased employees’ control over their work schedule and improved work–life fit (Kelly, Moen, & Tranby, 2011). ROWE brought health benefits as well, positively affecting employees’ sleep duration, energy levels, self-reported health, and exercise, while decreasing tobacco and alcohol use (Moen, Kelly, & Lam, 2013; Moen, Kelly, Tranby, & Huang, 2011).” - American Sociological Review


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