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Has the introduction of a flexible work environment lead to increases in employee retentation? Has it measurably benefited the employee experience?

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The guide to autonomy in the workplace explains how leaders can facilitate flexibility and succeed in hybrid work. From avoiding flexibility traps to creating fulfilled and engaged employees, you’ll learn how a balance between autonomy and accountability for every person is critical to business success.

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Does your company's hybrid work model enable the following?

check-ApprovalDirect individuals and teams to get clear on the measurable results they are trying to achieve.

check-ApprovalEmpower individuals and teams with the freedom and control necessary to choose the activities that make the most sense based on the work at that moment.

check-ApprovalRedefine work as something we do rather than a place we go like the office or home.

Transform your hybrid workplace with autonomy and accountability


Ensure employees are satisfied, fulfilled, and engaged


Create a work culture where everyone is accountable to measurable results


Retain top talent in spite of the great resignation

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The Autonomy Guide Every Bold Leader Needs

The Great Resignation will continue until organizations realize that instead of preserving their work culture (what leaders say they want), they need to evolve their work culture to keep pace with contemporary society (how employees want to work now and in the future).


Forget Flexibility

Flexibility is the old game and not the secret to attracting and retaining today’s talent.


Place Employees at the Center

Stop trying to create an equal experience for all employees by controlling their time and location.


Manage the Work

Stop managing people - adults can manage themselves.

What Our Customers Say

“Once we looked at all the metrics, reorganized, and gave complete autonomy and ac-
countability to our employees, productivity began to show significant improvements. People
can be very creative when you show them the results they need to achieve.”
- Dennis Malecek, CEO Dynatronix

“Everyone is enjoying the freedom of autonomy and accountability while
continuing to get the stellar results we have always strived for. It works, it is fun and we are
much more balanced in our work and personal lives.”
- Dale J. Garabedian, CPA / President & CEO

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