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Everybody's Role: Do The Work

You rarely hear this frantic question in a traditional work environment

"What is everyone doing?!"

It's assumed that everyone is hard at work doing...well, something. If you show up at 8:00 am and stay until 5:00 pm, you've met expectations, right?

When you stop using time as a measure of performance, everyone starts scrambling because the majority of people don't know what "the work" is supposed to be.

We're in workplaces where it's okay to meander through the work day, unclear about what you're being measured on and what you 're supposed to be delivering. We're in work environments where HR sends out email after email reminding us to complete our goal-setting activities, and we promptly move that activity to the bottom of our list.

The urgency to set measurable goals in a traditional work environment rarely exists because using time as a measure of loyalty, dedication and good work, in most cases, wins out over evaluation of the actual work.