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Stop Doing These In 2019. Seriously. Stop.

Our philosophy about work has always been focused on one thing: RESULTS. Where and when work gets done is entrusted to each employee. And believe us, employees will perform and deliver amazing results with this freedom. Sadly, many businesses who are operating under the old model of work are still doing these:

1. Fussing over flexibility.

We’ve read so many articles lately about flexibility - why it’s good and bad, how to control it, who gets it, etc.. It’s crazy! The conversation has to change. Let employees decide how, where, and when they work. Stop fussing about flexibility and start focusing on results. It’s 2019!!!!

2. Carrots and sticks.

The science is in: intrinsic motivation rules. But “there’s a mismatch between what science tells us and what business does,” says author Daniel Pink. In this video, Pink says that instrinsic motivators are the most powerful for human beings. However, typical business practices use carrots and sticks (extrinsic motivators). For 20th century tasks, that worked just fine. But for 21st century cognitive tasks, if-then rewards do not work and sometimes work against us. The new operating system for business revolves around autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

3. Commuting.

There’s no way around it. Long, daily commutes are bad for people in every way: environmentally, physically, and emotionally. Not only is daily commuting unproductive, unhealthy, and stressful - it’s bad for job performance!

4. Slowing down young talent.

Kids these days. They want to choose when, where, and how they work. Does that thought terrify you? It shouldn’t if you’re focused on results. Are they getting the work done? If not, they don’t have a job. Is your workplace set up for that kind of trust and freedom? If the answer is no, your young talent may go work for your competitor. Just saying.

5. Stress at work, stress at home.

High levels of stress make you careless and unable to concentrate. Bad news for job performance. We know that when employees are empowered and trusted to deliver results, they have less stress. Clarity brings efficiency brings opportunity.

6. Creativity zapper.

Did you know that doing the same thing over and over again, day after day, zaps your creativity? Studies show that there is a link between physical movement and creativity. In particular, new and unexpected kinds of movement enhances creativity. A rigorous schedule, paternalistic management, and sitting in front of a computer all day: these things are part of the old workplace and they zap creativity.

7. Telework nonsense.

We can talk all day about why telework sucks. Generally, the idea goes like this: some employees get to work from home and others are forced to come to the office. How does this affect job performance? It creates jealousy, “us vs. them” attitudes, and more rules to follow and enforce. How unproductive.

8. Coping with cubicles.

Cubicles are universally despised. Can’t we do better than this? It’s 2019 and we carry computers in our pockets! We’re not talking about eliminating the office. We have to rethink the office and give employees the tools to work wherever and whenever they need to, as long as the work gets done. Remember, in a ROWE, it is role specific, which means you need to be where you need to be when you need to be there in order to achieve results.

9. Burnout blues.

Are your employees engaged? Do they love what they do? Are they producing amazing results and delivering outstanding customer service? Or are they burnt out? Here is great testimonial video from a manager who set her employees free and was surprised by what happened next.

This is a short list and we know you have more to add. Tell us in the comments what workplace issues keep you from doing your job well.