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What's The Deal With Time?

A ROWE gives each and every person complete control over their time, and not just some of it -- ALL of their time (autonomy). That’s right. 168 hours a week. And we’ve learned that when a person has complete control over all of their time, they begin to use it wisely to optimize every aspect of their lives, including work. They stop wasting company time, filling it with nonsense, and playing the crazy time games.

That’s why the definition of a ROWE is simple yet powerful. Each person is free to do whatever they want, whenever they want -- as long as they get the work done.

Let’s break it down: Each person is free to manage their lives using common sense. And that means that they can step up to the plate, or slack off. Each person is free to work in harmony with other people or not. And each person is free to engage or disengage. Adding to do whatever they want, whenever they want adds an important dimension – because “do” includes everything in my life. There are things you need to do – grocery shop, pick up the kids from childcare, do laundry, sleep, work – and there are things you want to do – exercise, hang out with friends, spend time on my hobbies and volunteer. Then, to really make it fun, throw in ‘as long as the work gets done’. That’s the whole point. People must do the work; that’s why the paycheck exists! DUH! So if you choose to slack off -- to not work in harmony and instead disengage -- then you’re not performing. And you don’t get to keep your job.

And if ‘getting the work done’ requires showing up at a certain place at a certain time to achieve your results, that’s what people will do. Let’s face it. Adults know when time matters. If the childcare facility closes at 6pm, can you pick up your child at 7pm? No. If the train leaves the station at 5am, can you saunter in at 9am and expect the train to be waiting for your ass? NO! In these cases you have to mind the time. Time is relevant. If you need to buy something at Target, you can buy it in the physical store when it’s open (time is relevant for brick and mortar store hours), or you can do it online anytime. Time becomes irrelevant. Work Deadlines? Relevant. Well, you get the picture. And adults get the picture too.