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Creating An Innovative Culture

Work culture is more than just making sure everyone is happy. It's the key to survival in a fast-paced world. So, how do you create a business culture that supports innovation? We believe you have to start with the following basic values and attitudes:

Hierarchy is Horizontal: Management has authority over resources, budget and strategic direction but does not have power over people’s time (when or where they do work).

Leadership Serves: Leadership does not adhere to a management style based on command/control but instead bring out the best in employees through coaching, mentoring, encouraging self-expression and building a sense of community and joint ownership (Servant Leadership is a popular leadership model developed by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970).  This leadership style cannot exist in a paternalistic structure.

Time is Powerless: The measure of success is not governed by the adherence to or focus on the traditional workweek ruled by a time-clock.

Orientation is Organizational: Employees are free to work across boundaries, and are encouraged to share and develop ideas outside of departmental structures.

Results. Period.: Motivation is driven by achieving outcomes, and is less about achieving status or position.

Do you think your company’s strategy for innovation lines up with the work culture? Tell us about it in the comments.