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For Your ROWE Convo

This blog post can serve as a reference when you are having the ROWE conversation. Being able to clarify what ROWE really means may not always result in agreement, but adaptive change is about understanding where each person is at with their own beliefs.


  • ROWE is not a flex-work program

  • ROWE is grounded in trust and focused on achieving results

  • ROWE means people can work any way they like as long as the work gets done

  • ROWE is performance-based not presence-based


  • ROWE is 100% autonomy + 100% accountability

  • ROWE sets the standard for clear communication and meaningful collaboration (nothing is forced)

  • ROWE is people being where they need to be, when they need to be in order to achieve results

  • ROWE gives people the freedom to engage with co-workers as often as needed to ensure understanding, timeliness, and focus on results

Remote Work

  • ROWE is NOT a remote-only work environment

  • ROWE is an objective focus on delivering results (how, where, when is not the focus)

  • ROWE is role specific, which means the work informs the decisions about when and where the work gets done