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ROWE and Gender Parity

We honor and celebrate people within organizations who make it a point to create and sustain real social change, This requires courage and perseverance every step of the way. ROWE has been identified as an example of how organizations can elevate performance and liberate individuals.

“To close the gap, and turn intention into action, organizations must continue to do more. McKinsey’s decade of research has shown that meaningful progress toward gender equality in the workplace requires a persistent, well-implemented, and organization-wide change program.2 This has been the case for many Canadian organizations that have successfully moved the needle on gender parity—in our report, we highlight seven of these journeys.” ~ McKinsey & Company, June 2019

CMHC uses all of the data it collects to inform its D&I strategy and create targeted interventions to address pain points. CMHC’s transition to a Results-Only Work EnvironmentTM (ROWE) is a holistic example of this. ROWE is a work methodology that gives employees autonomy over their work and makes them accountable for results. It allows employees to choose when and where they work and encourages them to think about work in terms of results. In turn, ROWE asks leaders to think less about managing people and time and more about coaching for higher performance. Essentially, ROWE shifts work from “where” and “when” to “what”. This shift helps employees achieve better work-life integration.

Please see the report here: Women Matter: The present and future of women at work in Canada