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Watching The Clock to Watching The Calendar

Five day work week at 7.5 - 8 hours a day = soul sucking, exhausting, rigid.

Four day work week at 10 hours a day = happy days are here again!


Listen. Moving from one dictated schedule to another is not flexible, is not a benefit, is not an improvement, is not trust, is not the answer, nor is it about the work. It’s just none of those things. Not even a little bit.

In a ROWE, the work and outcomes associated with the role dictates when and where the work needs to happen. ROWE is 100% autonomy. You are trusted to be an adult professional and make decisions about how you deliver results. ROWE is 100% accountability. You are also held answerable and responsible for the work decisions you make. No results, no job. Real freedom + real metrics.

One of our favs! Flexible schedule is an oxymoron!