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Emerge from Covid Better, Stronger, More Engaged (webinar)

Beyond Social-Distancing Stickers on the Floor: Emerge from Covid Better, Stronger, More Engaged with Jody Thompson & Glain Roberts-McCabe (The Roundtable)

Right now, we are in a unique period of time where the way we do work can be re-evaluated and re-invented.

Are we putting our energy into the right things? Concentrating on work flow signs in the office and physical distancing measures in lunchrooms isn't addressing the systemic issues that workplaces were challenged with pre-Covid, during Covid, and will continue post-Covid world: burnout, siloes, overwork, lack of collaboration, lack of agility etc. What if we took this time to REALLY reinvent the idea of the workplace instead of simply retrofitting the status quo? Now is the time to shift our focus away from where we work, when we work, and how much we work to focusing solely on what matters: delivering measurable results. Period.

In this session, we'll explore how to take your organization out of the post-industrial, hierarchical model and into the adult workplace where the focus is on results, and people, business and communities thrive.

Get ready to have your assumptions challenged!