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2020 Reflection

What did the world of work teach us in 2020?

To be honest, it taught us nothing. It merely reaffirmed what we have been rallying against for years.

The pandemic forced organizations to make decisions no one wanted to make or no one was prepared to make. Technology was positioned as the tool that it is, but also used in archaic, controlling ways (requiring Zoom check-ins, spyware being installed to help “manage” performance, etc.) The conversations were about location (working from home), but rarely about the need for clarity about the actual work. Organizations were talking about bringing people back to the office, safe zones, and behavior strategies post-pandemic, but few discussions about autonomy and accountability.

For people who lost loved ones, took care of sick family members and friends, and had to endure financial uncertainty, our hearts sincerely go out to you.

As for the world of work, so much more needs to get done and each of us at CultureRx are committed to bringing real change into 2021 for YOU!