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A CEO's Perspective

Greg Watt, President & CEO of WATT Global Media recently participated in a Q&A with Tim Wall of Petfood Industry about team performance, remote work, and the transition to a Results-Only Work Environment™️ (ROWE™️).

“The most pleasant surprise has been our overall financial performance results. We could consistently see that performance results went up significantly, because of our higher retention rate. Our ability to recruit top talent went up significantly, measurably. All that is rolled into much stronger overall year-over-year results than what we had previously under a traditional environment.”

“Beyond that, ROWE boosted our ability to react and to be able to pivot and redirect resources. This is a perfect example of what we're going through now. We've been able to quickly move over to areas of opportunity, and deploy and redirect resources about COVID-19. We’ve been able to pivot our events, and we'll continue to have those events still going forward.” ~ Greg Watt, President & CEO, WATT Global Media