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Where Is Your Focus?

Focusing on measurable results is a must for the success of the business. How many conversations are about everything but RESULTS? Managers are watching how long employees spend logged into company systems and not RESULTS. Employees are doing activities because they feel they have to for appearances -rather than RESULTS for the customer.

Just as bad goals and infrequent reviews are bad motivators, meaningful goals and frequent conversations about performance are extremely motivating. Outcome-based goal setting gets everyone aligned first. This way, creating measurable results is effective and achievable. This framework is outcome-based thinking and generates an environment where performance is managed on a continuous basis. That means all the time, not just at the yearly performance review meeting.

Forget flexibility, Forget working from home policies. Just bypass all those gimmicks and programs that put the focus on time and presence. ROWE focuses on results and is proven to increase productivity and employee retention, and boost customer satisfaction.