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Be An Expert At Your Work And Your Life

Whether you are a leader or an employee, your views about work influence your performance and impact those around you. This goes beyond colleagues and co-workers. Your approach to work affects the customer and your community.

In 2021, we are asking you to take a moment to meet yourself where you're at. Ask yourself the following questions. Be honest with yourself. We are not here to judge your problems or dismiss your successes.

We are here to listen and help you continue to make progress.

Have you ever had to deliver difficult news about the business to an employee, a team, or an organization? Was your approach to “soften the blow” or to “inspire action?”

Have you ever had an experience when the answer was not obvious to you or the team or the organization? Did you swoop in and try to save the day or did you collaborate with those facing the problem to work and learn through it?

Do you see change as losing or gaining?

Do you view effort as achievement or do you view effort as needed for achievement?

Do you strive to strengthen relationships with others or to strengthen the relationship one has with their work?

What beliefs, personality traits, and values associated with work have helped you create learning opportunities and success?

What beliefs, personality traits, and values associated with work have hindered you from creating learning opportunities and success?

Creating and sustaining change in the world of work requires awareness and action. We are here to join with you on that journey. It’s not about becoming an expert in R.O.W.E. or workplace culture change. It’s about a mindset shift so that you can be the expert at your work and at your life.