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Jody On Choice and Control

Jody was recently interviewed by the Washington Post and got to weigh-in on the hopes and dreams employees across the nation have regarding the future of work post pandemic.

“That’s all many employees want, Thompson said. “What people want is the choice, the control, every single day to manage the things they need to manage in their lives and work.”

You'll note as you read that flexibility - creating policies around who can work from where and for how long - is still the #1 choice for 98% of employers. If you've been a supporter of ROWE, you may have gotten wise to the reason for this: flexibility allows organizations to continue to manage people rather than manage work- a hallmark of a traditional workplace mindset.

Here at CultureRx we're elated that there is enough momentum, finally, for employees to demand, en masse, "we will not go back to the way things were." Our recommendation to employers:
- choose autonomy over flexibility
- choose measurable results for the customer over time and location
- choose trust over command and control