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Professional Services Firm Recounts Their ROWE Journey

Recently, Brian Goldberg, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of ROWE Certified Professional Services Firm Polen Capital, sat down with Ed Kless of Sage Accountants Solutions, to talk about Polen Capital's journey to a Results-Only Work Environment. The conversation is short and sweet (less than 9 minutes). Ed and Brian talk about:
- The beginning of ROWE at Polen Capital
- Unexpected positive outcomes
- ROWE as the competitive advantage in hiring and retaining talent

"So the first thing we wanted to do is make sure that the management team at Poland capital was on board with this concept. Could we really run a firm where we didn't necessarily mandate that everybody be in their desks Monday through Friday nine to five and still make sure everybody was doing their work and achieving top results." - Brian Goldberg

"No Regrets?" - Ed
"Oh no, none. We wouldn't go back. Definitely not." - Brian