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Hybrid - Two Tiers of Employees, Washington Monthly

Jody was recently interviewed for an article in Washington Monthly. Here is a little snippet of the conversation:

If office culture hasn’t fundamentally changed and remote work remains a deviation from the norm, optional hybrid schedules could create two tiers of employees—the go-getters who choose to come into the office and the slackers who stay home—further stigmatizing caregivers.

That’s a concern that Thompson, from CultureRx, is actively trying to address. Since the pandemic began, about 100 organizations—roughly 70 percent of which are based outside the United States—have approached her firm to learn more about ROWE. What she stresses with each of them is that they can’t just take traditional office schedules and apply them at home.

"What companies are doing now as they are pulling out of the pandemic is they are getting more and more granular on the hybrid approach, what job codes can work from home, how many days in the office do we need people,” she said. “It’s still about control of people instead of control over the results."

Are you creating a hybrid environment that will undoubtedly lead to a two-tiered employee experience that focuses on work location? Or are you more interested in an equitable workplace where the customer is the focus rather than where an employee is working from? If it's equity, it's time to GoROWE!