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What's A CEO To Do?

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review on July 6, 2021 highlights the challenges CEO’s are facing since the world of work was disrupted by the pandemic. Even Apple is struggling to ‘think different’ and navigate this changing landscape.

“CEOs now face a career-defining moment of truth. The schism is growing between those who desire a return to normalcy and those who want to sustain new ways of working.”

We agree.

The time is now for bold decisions. It is not enough to retrofit the status quo or focus only on the location of employees. A deeper, more strategic and sustaining shift is needed.

For organizational leaders, all beliefs about work must be examined. A beginner’s mind is needed to unlearn the outdated ways of the past. Humility is necessary for curiosity to yield new discoveries. And courage - courage to try new things.

Without a concerted effort to do things differently, to try something new, 'can’t' becomes a decision masquerading as a false forgone conclusion - let's be crystal clear about that.

“How can firms develop a competitive strategy that lives in the boardroom, but also in the routines and behaviors of its people?”

It’s not achieved by command and control hierarchy.

This is an opportunity to get clear about measurable results and establishing a culture of trust. Employees are yearning for autonomy and organizations need accountability. This is the time to redefine a leader as someone who inspires and coaches performance from employees rather than manages and tracks the location and time of the person and team.

Fostering safe psychological spaces for employees to share ideas, problem solve, and ask questions is how clarity moves from subjective to objective. A relentless focus on results is supported by a non-judgmental environment around ‘how’ people spend their time. People become more engaged in their work, which positively affects productivity and quality of results. Employees also feel a greater sense of control in their lives, which boosts their well-being.

The ROWE journey begins with a single step. Are you ready to take yours?