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Journalist: “Yeah. The 40 hour week is deeply entrenched in our culture. Eight hours, labor, eight hours recreation and eight hours rest. That slogan was coined more than 200 years ago.”

Host: “Yeah. That's actually, when the labor movement started, you saw workers at that time fighting for shorter work days. And that's pretty much how we arrived at the 40 hour work week. We now know. “

Journalist: “Yeah. And 200 years later, we're still expecting people to be in the office eight hours a day.”

Jody Thompson: “When people are in the office, it looks like work. I go to meetings, I go around the water cooler. I'm you know, talking to people in the hallway. So now I feel like, oh yeah, that looks like work, work is happening. But when I can't see you, you might be doing your laundry. That doesn't look like work walking your dog doesn't look like work. So now I'm uncomfortable. So now I have to figure out how can I manage you? I'm going to get, you know, spy software and all sorts of things so I can make sure you're working, even though you probably weren't working when you were in the office, you were just in the office doing time.”