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R.O.W.E. to Revolutionize Work Culture

Is Your Work-Life Balance More Work Than Life? 🤔

In Episode 47 of the Work Positive Podcast, Dr. Joey Faucette sits down with Jody Thompson, the game-changing co-creator of ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment). Together, they explore a revolutionary approach to work that challenges the 9-to-5 norm.

🌟 Key Insights:
🌞 Autonomy in ROWE: Discover how embracing greater independence can lead to true work-life harmony.
🌞 Results Over Hours: Unearth the power of valuing outcomes over hours, boosting productivity and satisfaction.
🌞 ROWE Mindset: The future of work relies on leaders and teams championing trust and accountability.
👩‍💼 About Jody Thompson: A visionary with 20+ years in the trenches of work culture evolution, Jody

Dive into this episode and witness a conversation that could reshape how you perceive work and life. Could ROWE be the game-changer many have been seeking? Tune in!