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When Focus Goes Terribly Awry

When will it all stop?!?!

Check out this article, “20 Genius Ways to Make Work Less Terrible” from BestLife. We don’t doubt the intention was good, but come on. Really?

Of the 20, #8 appears to be the only one focused on the work. This lack of focus continues to plague businesses. Productivity slips and morale dips because policies and energy are put into subjective suggestions like the ones mentioned in this article.

In a ROWE, trust is fundamental. This is fostered by each person on every level being 100% autonomous and 100% accountable. The outcomes are clearly defined and appropriate metrics are in place. The focus? Results. Period.

In a ROWE, if people need to collaborate, they do. If people want to catch up at a cafe or a pub, they do. There is no forced attempt to make the work experience feel like a party or look like your family room. In a ROWE, you have the freedom to live your life and get your work done. You know, like an adult.

And for real, #10 suggests you play a harmless prank on your co-workers. That one is mind-numbing.