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Location and Time Specific Careers

What about those careers that call for the employee to be in a specific place, at a specific time to get the job done? Short answer: Be at that specific place, at that specific time. That’s a focus on results. So, for employees with location and time specific careers, the ROWE question is, “Are YOU trusted to define, design, measure, course correct, innovate, and ensure coverage with regard to achieving results?

In a ROWE, 100% autonomy + 100% accountability applies to everyone. What it means is that everyone can work any way they want AS LONG AS the work gets done.

For those of you with location and time specific careers…

  • Are you told what to do OR Do you help develop processes, procedures, methodologies?

  • Are you scheduled OR Do you communicate and collaborate with coworkers to ensure the necessary coverage?

  • Are you granted permission to live your life OR Do you feel trusted to make responsible decisions about meeting your personal and professional needs?

ROWE is not a remote-only work environment. ROWE is not flexibility.

ROWE is an objective focus on achieving results. The work must be clearly defined which in turn informs the approach to achieving results. Furthermore, objective, appropriate metrics must be in place to ensure accountability. Trusting employees is 100% autonomy. Managing the work is 100% accountability.

Yes. ROWE is for every employee in every organization in every industry.