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ROWE 101

We do our best to explain ROWE as well as provide information about adaptive change. We know how radical and game changing this type of social change can be. We also welcome early adopters AND healthy skeptics into the conversation.

ROWE: The Results-Only Work Environment offers a truly remarkable mindset shift that when infused into the organization’s cultural DNA, positively affects business, people and community.

Adaptive Change: Change must come from the collective intelligence of the employees at all levels. So, together they learn their way toward solutions. (R. Heifetz)

No doubt. Throughout a ROWE transition, you will grapple with your own beliefs about how work should happen. This is most likely the result of a lifetime of working in hierarchal and technical change driven organizations. That’s OK. Those experiences are yours. However, what you will discover are the similarities across so many workplace cultures, i.e. schedules, the attachment to time and location, flexibility, PTO, top-down management, vague performance management techniques, etc.

How does ROWE change any of that? First, the above mentioned are no longer the focus in a ROWE. The focus, instead, is on the work. Second, everyone in the organization is 100% autonomous (self-governing, independent) and 100% accountable (answerable, responsible). This all means the focus is on objectively achieving and measuring results. Period.

There is no place for subjectivity in a ROWE. People do not engage in activities that are not an effective and efficient use of their time. The goal is not to look busy, but to actually produce.

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