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Beliefs About Work

We have so many beliefs about work it would be impossible to name them all. Following is a list of some of our favs! 

Most work happens from Monday to Friday, eight to five.

Working “out of hours” is not good for work-life balance.

People at their workstations are doing work.

People who work a lot of hours get more work done than people who work fewer hours.

Nonexempt employee status is a way for us to protect our employees from working too many hours.

If people can get their work done in less time, they should get more work.

Face time is necessary in order for work to get done.

Instant availability is the measure of great customer service.

Job descriptions help people know what’s expected of them at work.

If you give people control over their schedules, they will take advantage of the system.

Can you think of any others?