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Obstacles & Distractions

The technology to work remotely has been around for quite some time. The permission to allow people to make decisions around how and when to leverage that technology, well, that’s another story. Of course, the pandemic forced everyone’s hand.

As life begins to shift once again, the chatter within the world of work gets louder. “Bring the employees back!” “Allow them to work remotely!” “Go hybrid!”

At this point in the conversation is when we politely lean in and ask about the actual work. Is there clarity about measurable results and the metrics used for accountability? That’s what we do. We help shift mindsets to free your focus of obstacles and distractions that get in the way of seeing objectively. This new awareness may not occur like the flip of a light switch. But once it happens, it is very illuminating.

Obstacles and distractions can include beliefs around how work should happen, location, time, and presenteeism in place of performance. Once your lens is cleansed, you can direct your attention on what matters most to the customer and the business and the community….RESULTS.