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Jody & ROWE In The New Yorker

“Moving our professional efforts away from in-person surveillance and toward results not only makes remote work sustainable—it can also change the very nature of our jobs into something more enjoyable, and productive, and in tune with the unequal and unpredictable demands of life. Assuming that these benefits can be reaped with a simple policy change, however, is naïve. As is the instinct to cast this debate into a high-conflict configuration, with guileless heroes fighting off ego-driven managerial villains—which makes for good tweets but obstructs progress toward better workplace cultures. We must be clear about what’s really required to support a new normal in our professional lives and then ask honestly whether the effort required to fundamentally change how we work is worth the energy and attrition required. If we decide it is, then we should be prepared. As Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson learned at Best Buy, all those years ago, if we want to change the very nature of our work, we’ll have our work cut out for us.” - Cal Newport, The New Yorker 7/9/2021