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Founder of the Garabedian Group - Accounting in a ROWE

"...instead of managing hours, what we have done for the past 10 years is we manage projects. The project is the key driver. We have a saying - I don't care if you're sitting in Hawaii on the beach preparing a tax return, as long as it's prepared timely, correctly, and with the client's best interest in mind." - Dale Garabedian

Recently Dale Garabedian, Founder of ROWE Certified Garabedian Group, sat down with Ed Kless of Sage Accountants Solutions to talk about the Garabedian Group's journey to a Results-Only Work Environment. The conversation is short and sweet (less than 10 minutes). Ed and Dale talk about:
- how the accounting firm moved to value based pricing rather than billable hours.
- the ROWE journey: from reading the book to a CultureRx implementation.
- his hero is and why.