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"Responding to a tweet about the email leak, Musk did not confirm or deny it, but suggested it was authentic, writing, “They should pretend to work somewhere else.”

"I have been unsuccessful, despite everything I've tried to do, to get our people back to work," Schultz, 69, said. "I've pleaded with them. I said I'll get on my knees. I'll do push-ups. Whatever you want. Come back."

It appears as though Elon Musk and Howard Schultz are struggling with something. 

What is it? 6 2

In a word: Trust.

Two more words: Measurable results. 

How many more articles need to be written in 2022 for the world of work to realize flexibility is a carrot (a stale one) and a stick. Not a solution. That hybrid is not innovative, but rather, a re-branding of flexibility and remote work. And yet, even with these "options" in place, Tesla, Apple, Starbucks, and so many others are pushing to bring their employees back to the office. 

Command and control ways of leadership are so annoyingly tired to us. Even if success was delivered, we ask, at the expense of what? 

A career has become so much more about what you give up, how many hours you put in, and how well you play the perception game (aka office politics). And if you don't work in an office, in a building, with colleagues, at the same time on the same days, then work can't happen.


A global pandemic proves, at the very least, technology is pretty cool and lots and lots of work can still get done in different ways. However, we do see areas of need. The need for deeper clarity of work. The need for consistent accountability. The need to trust adults to make decisions about their life - that include work. 

We see an opportunity to transform the traditional hierarchy of work into one of contemporary collaboration.