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Every Meeting Is Optional

Victoria Repa, CEO & Founder of BetterMe, Health Coach, Harvard Guest Speaker, Forbes 30 Under 30, recently shared this meme on LinkedIn.

Interesting, but what is often overlooked is first assessing the need for a meeting. The traditional mindset typically defaults to “calling a meeting” without serious contemplation of the objective need for a meeting.

Could it be a single conversation with the point person rather than a group meeting?
Could it be an email?
Could a project management tool or platform be utilized?

When you consider the ROWE Guidepost: Every Meeting Is Optional, it’s not an opt out of responsibility or collaboration, but rather, a deeper dive into clarity, efficiency, effectiveness, autonomy, and accountability.

20 minutes of silence to read, understand, ponder, assess, conceptualize, theorize…does that really put each individual in an optimal situation to perform at a high level? Might it also cause stress, anxiety, judgment, and fear?

Things to consider while eating that slice of pizza.